Wearing the Future

Fashion design doesn’t get nearly enough credit as a design field.  Because it conjures up images of waifish models, runway prancing divas, and, well, let’s be honest…strange looking File:Google Glass detail.jpgclothes…fashion design, and perhaps more accurately fashion designers, are far less frequently considered high-brow as compared with say, architects.

Part of the reason for this is rollover.  A building, at least in theory, is supposed to last a lifetime but last season’s blue jean trend is just last season’s blue jean trend.  That’s it.  It had a shelf-life, and that shelf-life was short….but isn’t web design disposable too?  Aren’t we buying a new smart device every year or even half a year?



Google’s Glass has made so much buzz that it feels like a Richter scale is vibrating off of a desk somewhere, and then there’s this:

Yup, that’s right….stamp sized microchips that are temporarily stuck to the skin.  These microchips, like fashion design in general, are going to make a huge splash and then taper off…and then you’ll just slap on a new one!  You can set the microchip to synch with your smart device, so it can literally feel your pulse, check your health, etc. and give you a real time readout!  This is *incredible*!….but it’s also wearable.

File:Nike FuelBand.jpg

Like Glass, the Stamp-On Circuits are a wearable piece of technology.  Nike’s Fuel band was a similar piece of wearable technology.

The question is, are we really ready to wear our tech?

Am I going to look even more dorky in glasses made by Google?

Are people going to be scanning my circuit to learn about me?

I don’t know…but I do know that fashion trends are some of the most fickle of all design trends, so it is hard to believe that wearable tech will have the kind of staying power that designers would like to believe it will.

What do you think?  Is wearable tech here to stay or here today gone tomorrow?

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