This is one of my favorites of all time.
I’ll get back to blogging new posts very soon! In the meantime, thanks for reading and enjoying this short best-of!

Are You Experienced? the opening scene of the 1998 car-chase movie “Ronin“, Robert De Niro is in Paris.  He cases a small cafe.  First he hides a gun behind some crates in the back of the cafe, noting the exit, then he returns to the front of the cafe and enters.  There is high drama as the audience wonders whether there will be a shoot out.  In the end, the cafe was the meeting point for a group of rogue, mercenary-like operatives (an allusion to “ronin”, the Japanese samurai who had no master).  They meet and discuss their operation then leave.  Before leaving, De Niro heads around back to re-collect his weapon.  Upon seeing this, the leader of the group, an Irish woman with a brooding brow, asks him:

“What exactly were you doin’ back here?”

De Niro, never one to disappoint with film wisdom and taglines (especially those written…

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