Continuing my Best Of….this toilet still bothers me when I use it….

Are You Experienced?


I snapped the picture above in the bathroom at my girlfriend’s office.

The sign admonishes those who, apparently, haven’t been flushing the toilet.

This led me to think–  In most places I go, guys flush the toilet, so why wouldn’t they do it here to the point that it was such a problem that a sign was considered as a way to rectify the nasty situation.

Two things occurred to me:

1– Perhaps people expect that the water goes from on top of the toilet and flows down and away.

2– Perhaps this button did not mimic this idea.

First of all, I have no clue how plumbing works and I’m pretty sure most people reading this blog don’t know either.  When I flush my toilet, however, I believe that the water goes down in to the sewer.

Usually above the toilet there is tank of water, and when I…

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