Continuing the Best-Of series this week. This is my favorite piece ever :-)! Happy Friday!

Are You Experienced?


The Wienermobile is legendary.

Everywhere it goes, people take pictures of it, honk their horns, and generally act like children.

The picture above shows me posing like a twelve year old (I’m just about thirty years old).  I was *thrilled* to see the Wienermobile on the street.  I didn’t even care about the free hotdogs they gave out, I just cared about seeing the Wienermobile.  After desperately trying to explain to my girlfriend that I wasn’t crazy and that the Wienermobile was really cool, I decided to just have my picture taken and move on….but it got me thinking: Why did I get so much joy out of a hotdog shaped vehicle?

The answer to that question is actually very relevant to user experience.  Not only is the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile unique, it is also rare.  At present there are only eight Wienermobiles in existence, and not all of them…

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