Privacy v. Genius

Outbox is a service that collects your mail from your house, loads it online, and then wherever you are you can see your mail online and keep it organized.  This is a truly user-centered design.

They collect your mail three times a week, and scan everything on to a an online platform where you can view it.  If you get a package, Outbox will take your package to your front door or to the front desk of your apartment complex.  This service costs just five dollars a month.

The service here is actually really great, and kudos to a fantastic website.  It’s cheap, easy, effective, and they even help you unsubscribe from junk mail meaning it just gets recycled without you ever dealing with it.  I could rave all day long about how great this service is….but what about privacy?

An actual person is going to scan your mail meaning they will see your bills, private letters, and who knows what else!  I’m of a generation that isn’t skeptical about this stuff at all, and maybe that means I’m the demographic.  However, I also believe that there will be an internet privacy revolution in the future (all it’s going to take is one MAJOR breech of trust coupled with loss of money) so while Outbox is really fantastic, I have reservations about its long-term success.

Either way, this is a fabulous idea!

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