One Handed Ubuntu Phone

The Ubuntu Phone presents some new options for mobile operating systems, but here’s my question: Can you do it with one hand?

Note that the entire demo (and all others I’ve seen) require two handed operation.

Is it possible that tablets have led us toward two-handed phone operation, and that Ubuntu is simply ahead of the curve?  I’m not sure.  I recently purchased a Galaxy Note which is simply enormous.  They call it a “phablet” as a portmanteau of phone+tablet.  I can operate it with one hand if I have to, but I found that most of the time I operate my phone with two hands.  Not just because of the size, but because it’s practical.  If I were standing on the subway, it wouldn’t be practical, but most of the time I spend using my phone is in my room or sitting down somewhere and then there’s no problem at all.

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