Windows Phone

I attended a lecture series yesterday about Windows Phone and how to design for UI and graphics for the phone.

First, I want to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the phone.  I really love the Bauhaus style and unlike Android and iPhone I felt like I could really see myself using and enjoying the Windows Phone.

What really surprised me was the split between UX designers and graphic designers.  Graphic designers thought of the entire system as limiting and boring, while UX designers drooled on to their tables.

I think the hierarchical importance, the clean lines, and the templates make it very appealing to UX designers because we generally try to show hierarchy and cleanliness.  Graphic designers felt like the font choices were limiting, the panorama style left little to the imagination, and the boxiness of the design felt shapeless.  Restraint has been the subject of my most popular work to date, and, in short, Windows Phone exhibits a high level of restraint.

I prefer stripped down, clean lines, and simple UI.

It is unclear whether or not the Windows Phone will catch on and be as popular as iPhone or Android, but if nothing else, it’s certainly interesting.

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