My New Years Resolution

My user experience New Years Resolution is three-fold:

1.  Buy a better phone.  I’m currently using a phone that was nice about a year ago but today isn’t so helpful in designing better quality applications for Android or iPhone.  (The picture below is my current phone– Motorolla Defy +)

2.  Improve experiences outside of the technological/mobile/web sphere.  I’ve thought about ways to make my day-to-day experiences better.  Many of us cut corners with the details, and often it is the details that make our lives easier.  For example, about four months ago our can opener broke.  We began to use a Swiss Army Knife as a temporary can opening solution.  Four months later we’re still doing the same thing.  I spend so much time considering the experiences that users have on the web, but not nearly enough on things unrelated to web.

3.  To continue blogging.  It’s been about forty days straight of posting here.  Some days many people read and other days no one reads, but it’s a great outlet for my thoughts.  I hope to keep it up in 2013.


Happy New Year!


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