Tips for Interviewing

I studied history in college.  All of our exams were bluebook essay exams with one question and around two hours to write a complete answer.  These were my favorite type of tests ever because it meant that I could just read the material and write until my hand got tired.  I walked in to every single bluebook essay exam of my entire college career knowing I was about to get an A+ and almost every time, that was the case.

When I walk in to a job interview, I feel the same way. I know all the answers.  It doesn’t matter what someone asks me, I can answer honestly.  I know all the answers because all the questions are about me.  I’ve never told a lie in a job interview and I never will.  Job interviews, like first dates, are exciting because they could possibly open up a new horizon.  The possibilities are fun to consider.

Rather than discuss UX today, I wanted to write a few tips for job interviews.

#1–  It’s just like a first date: dress well, act accordingly, and have confidence in yourself.

#2–  Always leave them wanting more.  This doesn’t always apply, but the “less history, more mystery” mantra works here too if you want to get called back for a second interview (or second date).

#3– Be early.  Don’t be on time, don’t *ever* be late…be early.  It helps to spend fifteen, twenty minutes getting to know the secretary and asking a few others about their job and how they like it.  Employees who are willing to say “Yeah, great place to work!” is a great sign.  If you are ignored, that’s a bad sign.

#4– Be positive.  No one wants to work with a negative nancy.  Smile!


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