How To Create a Pin Code Entrance in Axure

I learned something new and relatively basic in Axure, and I thought today I’d share.

My goal was to create a pin-code entrance to an iPad system.  The point was to have different pin-codes open to different options depending on persona.  Here is how I did it:

Step One: Make a button and a text-field.Image

Step Two: Create a “correct” page and an “incorrect” page.  Correct means the pin was correct and the user can enter, while incorrect is an error-message page.


Step Three: Label the Text Field as “Pin Code Entrance”.


Step Four: Add an “Image Map Region” to the Button.  Then click — On Click –> Add Case –> Add Condition.


Step Five: Now select: “text on widget”, Pin Code Entrance, equals, value, 1234.  (Note: you can select any password you’d like, but for simplicity I selected 1234.) Then click “Okay”.


Step Six: Now select: Case 1 — Open in Current Window — “Correct”.  Then click “Okay”.


Step Seven:  Now we must select the incorrect pin codes and be sure to redirect users to the “Incorrect” page.  To do that, we start the same way as before:  On click–> Add case –> Add condition.  This time however, we select: text on widget, “Pin Code Entrance”, does not equal, value, 1234.  Then click “Okay”.


Step Eight: Now select “Case 2 –> Open in Current Window –> “Incorrect”. Then click “Okay”.


That’s it!!

Now you can generate your prototype to check.  Type in “1234” and click the button and see that it goes to the “Correct Page”, and type in anything else and see that it goes to the “Incorrect Page”.

I ❤ Axure!

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